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V anchors, also known as V-shaped anchors, are made of high-quality, durable materials such as steel or stainless steel. They are designed with a unique V-shaped profile that provides excellent grip and increased bearing capacity. V anchors come in various sizes and load capacities depending on the application requirements. They are used in materials ranging from concrete to masonry and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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V Type Anchors are widely used in the construction industry to anchor overhead pipes, ducts, electrical boxes, and other heavy loads. They offer excellent holding capacity and stability in concrete, masonry, and other types of surfaces. V anchors have wide applications in residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects, such as flooring, walls, ceilings, retaining walls, bridge decks, and more. They are also commonly used in applications where vibration resistance is necessary to prevent anchor loosening. In addition to our range of V Anchors, we also offer a variety of U Anchors to meet your piping needs.

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One of the biggest advantages of ASTM A193 Refractory Anchors V Type is their robustness and ease of installation. They are quick to install and provide a secure and long-lasting grip. With their unique shape and design, V anchors grip the material firmly and distribute the load evenly, reducing the risk of failure or damage. They also offer excellent stability even in high-stress conditions. V anchors are ideal for heavy-duty applications and provide a reliable solution with minimum fuss.

Unlike other anchors, V Refractory Anchors are designed to withstand high loads and be a permanent solution for anchoring applications. They are resistant to corrosion and weathering, making them suitable for long-term indoor and outdoor use. In addition, they require minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective solution compared to other types of anchors. At Metcore Steel, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and offering a wide range of products, including V Anchors and Zirconium Welding Rods.
There are several types of V anchors available, each designed for specific applications. Some of the most common types include wedge anchors, sleeve anchors, drop-in anchors, and screw anchors. Wedge anchors are ideal for heavy-duty applications where a secure hold is required. Sleeve anchors are designed for medium-duty tasks, while drop-in anchors are ideal for light-duty work. Screw anchors are designed for anchoring into hollow and solid brick, block, masonry, and concrete.

V Anchors provide additional support & stability for pipelines or vessels, helping to prevent movement or shifting under pressure. This can help to reduce the risk of leaks or failures in the piping system. Additionally, V Anchors can be customized to fit the specific needs of the application.
Yes, V Anchors can be made from materials that are resistant to high temperatures & corrosion, such as stainless steel or other alloys. It is important to choose the appropriate material for the specific application to ensure that the V Anchor will withstand the environmental conditions.
A V Anchor is a welded pipe support that is designed to stabilize and support the pipe or vessel. A U Bolt, on the other hand, is a clamping device that is used to secure pipes to a support structure. While both provide support for pipes, they serve different functions & are used in different ways.

V Anchors Specification

Specification :

Type :

55 X 15 X 05 MM

plain, corrugated, uv type, corbel

Available Types of V Anchors

Corrugated V Type Anchor
  • Stainless Steel Corrugated V Anchor
  • Duplex steel Corrugated V Anchor
  • High Nickel Alloy Corrugated V Anchor
  • Carbon Steel Corrugated V Anchor
Flat V Type Anchor
  • Stainless Steel Flat V Anchor
  • Duplex steel Flat V Anchor
  • High Nickel Alloy Flat V Anchor
  • Carbon Steel Flat V Anchor

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