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Metcore Steels and Alloys is a supplier of a wide range of plug valves in all dimensions and specifications exactly as per the needs of our valuable customers. These excellent quality valves are fabricated using high-grade raw material as per the international material standards. Plug Valve is a cone or cylinder-shaped having a plug rotating inside the body that controls the flow of media. There are two ports leading from inbound to outbound placed on opposite sides of the valve. In order to achieve frequent and quick operation, it uses a quarter-turn valve. These valves perform efficiently in fluid services by regulating the flow of liquids. We are providing Plug Valves with tight shut-off feature and on-off operations. These valves are widely suitable for the natural gas system, oil piping, air, gas, vapor services, and many more.

Metcore Steels and Alloys is fabricating supreme quality Plug valves having features like quick open or close, compact size, anti-corrosiveness, leak-tight, rugged, long-lasting, and instant on-off operation. Before choosing a material for the fabrication, it is properly tested by our professionals to ensure the best quality fabrication. We are offering a plug valve with multiple ports that change the flow direction and reduces the required quantity of valves. Our skilled and well-trained workers are working hard to fabricate high-performance valves that meet with satisfying criteria of our clients.

Metcore Steels and Alloys have a world-class team of experienced quality experts that performs different types of tests to check the performance efficiency of Plug Valve. At every stage of the manufacturing process, valves are being tested under stringent quality tests. Our experts strictly supervise each testing process to ensure the best quality of manufacturing. Before dispatching, each plug valve is tested and analyzed to avoid any error or defect. The plug valves are available in ready stock to fulfill urgent industrial demands.

Our company offers on-time doorstep service to the specified locations of worldwide patrons at very affordable rates. Plug Valve are packed using adequate packaging material to protect from rust and damage during the delivery process. We use convenient mode of transport to deliver these valves in stipulated delivery time.

Plug Valves Specification

Design Standard :

Testing Standard :

Face To Face :

End Connection :

Pressure – Temperature Chart :

API 598/BS : 5146

API 598 /BS EN 12266-1

ASME B 16.10

Flanged End - ASME B 16.5 / Butt Weld End – ASME B 16.25

ASME B 16.34

2” – 10” - Class 150, 300, 600 / 2” – 4” - Class 900 & 1500

Available Types of Plug Valves

Lubricant  Plug  Valves
  • 150# Class Lubricant Plug Valves
  • 600# Class Lubricant Plug Valves
  • 1500# Class Lubricant Plug Valves
  • Ball Lubricant Plug Valves
  • Duplex Steel Lubricant Plug Valves
  • Carbon Steel Lubricant Plug Valves
  • High Nickel Lubricant Plug Valves
Lift Type Plug  Valve
  • 150# Class Lift Type Plug Valve
  • 600# Class Lift Type Plug Valve
  • 1500# Class Lift Type Plug Valve
  • Ball Lift Type Plug Valve
  • Duplex Steel Lift Type Plug Valve
  • Carbon Steel Lift Type Plug Valve
  • High Nickel Alloy Lift Type Plug Valve

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