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Weldolets are an essential component of any piping system. They are a type of branch fitting used to connect two pipes, allowing a smooth transition from one pipe to the next. Not only do weldolets provide a strong connection between the two pipes, but they also help reduce stress and vibration while improving the overall flow of the system.

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The most common type of Insert Weldolets is the standard Weldolets, designed for use in low-pressure systems. This type of Weldolets typically has a raised face on one end and can be used in carbon and stainless steel applications. Another popular type is the reducing weldolet, designed to connect two pipes with different diameters or wall thicknesses. The most common size ratio for reducing weldolets is 2:1 (two inches in diameter on one end versus one inch on the other). Additionally, several other specialty weldolets are available such as tapered weldolets and sweep-o-lets. Each type serves its purpose, depending on application needs. At Metcore Steel, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and offering a wide range of products, including Weldolets and Nipolet.

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Weldolets join two pipes without cutting them apart or rerouting them around each other. That makes them ideal for applications where space or time constraints may be an issue. Additionally, because they provide a smooth transition between pipes with varying diameters or wall thicknesses, they can help improve flow efficiency within the piping system by eliminating turbulence at the connection point. Using Insert Weldolets instead of traditional fittings can save time and money since welding requires less labor than threading or flanging connections.In addition to our range of Weldolets we also offer a variety of Sockolet to meet your piping needs.

Weldolets are a type of pipe fitting that offer numerous advantages over other fittings. First and foremost, Weldolets reduce the number of potential leak points in a pipeline, as they are welded directly onto the pipe itself. That not only reduces the risk of leaks but also improves the overall reliability of the system. Additionally, Weldolets are highly versatile and can be used in various applications, from high-pressure pipelines to low-pressure systems. They also offer excellent flexibility, allowing for easy replacement or modification of pipes and fittings. Overall, using Weldolets can result in a more efficient and cost-effective piping system that is highly reliable and easy to maintain. Weldolets are an incredibly versatile component that can be used in many applications ranging from low-pressure systems to high-pressure systems with varying pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. They provide a strong connection between two pipes while helping reduce stress and vibration and improving overall flow efficiency within the piping system.

The size of an insert weldolet can vary depending on the application, but they are typically used for smaller pipe sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.
An insert weldolet is a pipe fitting designed to create a branch connection from a larger pipe to a smaller one. It is similar to a standard weldolet but designed to be used with socket weld connections and has a smaller branch size.
Insert weldolets are commonly used in piping systems to create branch connections for smaller-diameter pipes. They are particularly useful in high-pressure applications where a strong and reliable connection is needed. Because they are designed for use with socket weld connections, they are easy to install & require minimal preparation before welding.

Insert Weldolet Specification

Standard :

Diamensions :

Size :

Pressure Class :

Type :


ASME 16.11, MSS SP-97, BS 3799

1/2" to 24"

3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS

Insert Weldolets, Threaded Insert Weldolets, Forged Socket Weld Insert Weldolets

Available Types of Insert Weldolets

XS Insert Weldolet
  • Monel Insert Weldolet Olet
  • Monel 400 Insert Weldolet
  • Monel K500 Insert Weldolet Olet
  • Monel Alloy Insert Weldolet
  • Alloy Insert Weldolet Olets
XXS Insert Weldolet
  • Inconel Insert Weldolet Olets
  • Inconel 600 Insert Weldolet
  • Inconel 625 Insert Weldolet Olets
  • Incoloy Insert Weldolet
  • Inconel Alloy Insert Weldolet Olet

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