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Metcore Steel & Alloys is an abundantly appreciated organization, the main goal of filling the requirements of the client in minimum time and build professional relations. We supply a wide range of decorative household products and industrial application products. Metcore Steel & Alloys are stockholders contain readily made Insert Weldolet in stocks, we provide a product at an affordable price, and thus we are known as reliable vendors.

Insert Weldolet is excellent engineering made for forging applications. It contains superior strength suitable for forged fittings; it serves leakage-free performance designed for general pressure handling application purpose. Insert Weldolet provide corrosive resistant to a natural oxidizing and reducing agent; it also suitable to perform in an acidic corrosive environment. Insert Weldolet is available in different categories for various forged fittings; it has board border and smooth surface finish, which make it easy to use for connecting or joining pipe systems. Insert Weldolet is most commonly utilized in seawater cooling tools, petrochemical industry, oil refinery companies, pulp and paper industry, chemical processing plant such as acetic acid, sulfuric acid and phosphoric.

Metcore Steel & Alloys is a manufacturing product from modern upgraded technology. We have installed the modern machinery to manufacture Insert Weldolet in bulk to fulfil client demand in minimum time quickly. We have an expert team to guide the workforce for making proper use of technology; each manufactured Weldolet exhibit high productivity. Because due to following of defined procedure of production and using high-quality grade raw material, we can efficiently serve a complete, reliable product which possesses all mechanical characteristics and defined standard structure. We, Metcore Steel & Alloys, conduct all destructive and non-destructive test vigorously at various stages of production to ensure qualities and also generating reports to offer along with ordered products if the client requires. We also manufacture these Weldolet as according to client requirement to fulfil specific demand.

Metcore Steel & Alloys use suitable packaging material and do a complete damage-proof packaging of products. We assure client the Insert Weldolet safely delivers within the decided time to them by our experienced shipping sales team along with document and details.

Insert Weldolet Specification

Standard :

Diamensions :

Size :

Pressure Class :

Type :


ASME 16.11, MSS SP-97, BS 3799

1/2" to 24"

3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS

Insert Weldolets, Threaded Insert Weldolets, Forged Socket Weld Insert Weldolets

Available Types of Insert Weldolets

XS Insert Weldolet
  • Monel Insert Weldolet Olet
  • Monel 400 Insert Weldolet
  • Monel K500 Insert Weldolet Olet
  • Monel Alloy Insert Weldolet
  • Alloy Insert Weldolet Olets
XXS Insert Weldolet
  • Inconel Insert Weldolet Olets
  • Inconel 600 Insert Weldolet
  • Inconel 625 Insert Weldolet Olets
  • Incoloy Insert Weldolet
  • Inconel Alloy Insert Weldolet Olet

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