Duplex Steel Dish Ends Supplier

Metcore Steel & Alloys is a distributor, exporter, and supplier of Duplex Steel Dish Ends. These Endses are most widely used in many industrial applications, and hence we are fabricating these Endses in a variety of materials, specifications, and dimensions as per the requirements and demands of our esteem clients. Duplex Steel Dish Ends is a more durable comparatively stainless steel; it is a superalloy developed into head dished using hydraulic pressure. It is used in the boiler and for handling high-pressure vessels. Duplex Steel Dish Ends is available in different diameters for various applications.

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Duplex Steel Dish Ends has high-temperature resistant suitable to perform in hot working applications and elevated temperature. Due to wide varieties of mechanical, it is ideal to begin preferred in different environments, and for sealing tanks that contain acids or another process. It has a layer of chromium which resist the chemical acid attacks and other reducing agent attacks.

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We, Metcore Steel & Alloys, have well qualified, experienced, and skilled professionals. They are supervising the whole process to maintain quality and all other parameters. By following national and international quality standards and manufacturing processes, we are fabricating suitable Duplex Steel Dish Ends for our esteem clients. We use high-quality raw materials to develop standard quality and mechanical characteristics to deliver a complete, reliable performance.

Metcore Steel & Alloys developed a well-defined Duplex Steel Dish Ends, which possesses a smooth Ends and perfect specifications for serving a quality Endses. We maintain quality standards higher by testing these Endses several times by performing various destructive and non-destructive tests. By considering all requirements of our esteem clients, we are also offering excellent quality Duplex Steel Dish Ends in customized as well as non-customized form.

Metcore Steel & Alloys are offering convenient doorstep service to our clients with proper packing and fast shipping. Duplex Steel Dish Ends are the best-selling products that we are manufacturing in many metals and alloys. We pack these Endses in suitable packing material to protect from damages in transport. Within decided time and at reasonable rates, we are ensuring to deliver the highest quality Dish Ends.

Duplex Steel Dish Ends Specification

Outside Diameter :

Wall Thickness :

Material :

Grade :

Up to 5000 mm

3 mm - 60 mm

Duplex Steel

304 / 304L / 304H / 310 / 310S / 310H / 316 / 316L / 316H / 316Ti / 317 / 317L / 321 / 347 / 904L etc.

Available Types of Duplex Steel Dish Ends

Duplex Steel Knuckle Radius or Flange Dish Ends
  • Duplex Steel Dish Only
  • Duplex Dish Only
  • Duplex Flange Dish Ends
  • Duplex Knuckle Radius Dish Ends
Duplex Steel Torospherical Dish Ends
  • Duplex Steel Torospherical Dish Ends
  • Duplex Torispherical Dish Ends
  • Duplex 6% Torospherical Dish Ends
  • Duplex 10% Torospherical Dish Ends
Duplex Steel Flat Pan Dish Ends
  • Duplex Steel Flat Pan Dish Ends
  • Duplex Flat Pan Dish Ends
Duplex Steel Reverse Dish Ends
  • Duplex Steel Reverse Dish Ends
  • Duplex Reverse Dish Ends
Dish Ends
Dish Ends
Dish Ends
Dish Ends

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