Copper Ferrule Fittings Supplier

We, Metcore Steel & Alloys, are manufacturing Copper Ferrule Fittings and many other industrial products. We are making these excellent Ferrule Fittings by using modern upgraded technology and machinery. We assure our client that at affordable rates, are offering superior Copper Ferrule Fittings which serve a reliable result of performance.

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We use an alloy which has a maximum amount of copper with a stable amount of iron, manganese and nickel to fabricate these Fittings. Our Copper Ferrule Fittings has thermal stability, especially which are designed for high-temperature applications. These Fittings has excellent toughness and a rugged constructed structure which is preferable for transferring liquids in an industrial and natural corrosive environment.

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Copper Ferrule Fittings is suitable to use in cryogenic temperature possess high ductility preferred in the water supply system, heat exchangers, power generation, seawater industry and other various industries. It resists the hydrogen embrittlement and offers outstanding formability, stress rupture resistant, weldability, stress corrosion resistant, etc.

We, Metcore Steel & Alloys, are manufacturing these Fittings for many years. We have specially trained employees in a team of experts to guide the entire workforce to make better Copper Ferrule Fittings . We use high-quality raw materials to serve all characteristics with high stability. The expert team guide the standard defined process of production to the workforce and help to make proper use of technology.

We, Metcore Steel & Alloys, are known for the standard structure of ferrule fittings. We assure our clients that the Copper Ferrule Fittings deliver by us serve a complete leakage-free fitting. We conduct all destructive and non-destructive test during entire production at different stages under the observation of expert teams to test the performance of Copper Ferrule Fittings. We also manufacture Copper Ferrule Fittings in customizing forms to deliver perfectly suitable Fittings to our esteem clients.

We, Metcore Steel & Alloys serve a conventional door to door service within the decided time to our esteem clients from various sectors to complete multiple industrial applications. Our Shipping sales team have experience of shipping since they are doing ship form years, they deliver the Fittings without any damage at reasonable rates.

Copper Ferrule Fittings Specification

Size :

Threads :

Also available in other thread forms :

Pressure Rating :

1/8”- 3” in CL 3000

American National Standard Taper Pipe Threads NPT (ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983)

PTF, NPSC, NPSM, NGT,SAE, BSPT, BSPP and in any combination. Left hand threads available upon request.

CL 2000, CL 6000, CL 9000 and CL 10,000 and in reducing pipe sizes

Available Types of Copper Ferrule Fittings

 Copper Tube to Union
  • Copper Union Tee
  • Copper Reducing Union
  • Copper Bulkhead Union
  • Copper Union Elbow
  • Copper Union Cross
  • Copper Union Tube Fittings
  • Copper Union Ferrule Fittings
Copper Tube to Male Fittings
  • Copper Male Connector
  • Copper Male Run Tee
  • Copper Male Branch Tee
  • copper Male Bulkhead Connector
  • Copper Male Elbow 45°
  • Copper Male Elbow 90 Deg
  • Copper Male Tube Adaptor
Copper Tube to Female Fittings
  • Copper Female Connector
  • Copper Female Run Tee
  • Copper Female Branch Tee
  • Copper Female Bulkhead Connector
  • Copper Female Elbow 45°
  • Copper Female Elbow Ferrule Fittings
  • Copper Female Tube Adaptor
Copper Tube Fittings
  • Copper Port Connector
  • Copper Bulkhead Reducer
  • Copper Ferrule Cross Fitting
  • Copper Reducing Hex Nipple
  • Copper Reducing Hex Coupling
  • Copper Pipe Weld Elbow
  • Copper Street Tee

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