Machining And Fabrication Tips For Hastelloy C22 Bars

The machining and fabrication of Hastelloy C22 bars can be challenging. This superalloy is known for its high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making it an exceptional material for high-temperature and corrosive environments. However, it is difficult to machine and fabricate due to its high strength and toughness. If you’re looking for tips on machining and fabricating Hastelloy C22 bars, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with the fundamental tips you need to know to machine and fabricate these bars with ease.

What Are Hastelloy C22 Bars?

Hastelloy C22 Bars are high-performance bars made from a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy known for its superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It also displays excellent tensile strength, ductility, formability, enhanced surface stability, and extended service life. These properties make it ideal for highly corrosive environments like chemical processing, oil refining and flue gas desulfurization. The bars are available in standard and customized shapes with optimal strength, toughness, and fabricability.

Choosing The Right Tools And Equipment

The first step in machining and fabricating Hastelloy C22 Bars is to choose the right equipment and tools. The alloy is tough and can wear out the tools quickly, so you must choose the right tools to do the job. Using carbide-tipped tools with cobalt binders has proven efficient in machining the alloy. Additionally, using a coolant or lubricant will not only prolong the tools’ lifespan but also improve the quality of the end product.

Applying The Correct Machining Techniques

It would help to use the right machining techniques to achieve the best results in machining and fabricating Hastelloy C22 bars. The alloy is known for work hardening, which makes it more challenging to machine after the first cut. Therefore, using the right cutting speed and depth is crucial to avoid work hardening. A slower feed rate can also help minimize the heat produced during machining.

Handling The Bars With The Utmost Care

Hastelloy C22 bars are brittle and can fracture or crack easily when exposed to excessive force. Hence, handling them with care is critical from the moment they arrive at your facility until you finish machining and fabricating. The best way to maintain the integrity of the bars is to avoid excessive handling or vibration during transportation, storage, and machining. When you receive the bars, minimize their contact with hard surfaces and protect them from contaminants by storing them in a clean, dry, and safe environment.

Choosing The Right Welding Technique

Like machining, welding Hastelloy C22 bars requires proper technique and selecting the right welding method. Welding these bars can be challenging because they are susceptible to cracking and distortion due to their poor thermal conductivity and high strength. TIG welding is the most common welding technique used for Hastelloy C22 bars due to its ability to control heat input during welding. A welding filler metal with low carbon content can also help minimize cracking.

Finishing The Bars

After smoothening the Hastelloy C22 bars, remove the swarf and other material that might have accumulated during machining. The best way to finish these bars is to use an abrasive wheel with a high grit rating to achieve a smoother finish. You can also use ultrasonic cleaning techniques to remove excess particles from the bar’s surface. Whatever method you choose, ensure the finished product is free from material defects and other undesirable impurities.


Machining and fabricating Hastelloy C22 bars can be challenging, but it’s possible to achieve a high-quality finished product with the right tools, equipment, welding technique, and machining methods. As we’ve seen, using carbide-tipped tools with cobalt binders, applying the correct machining techniques, handling the bars with the utmost care, selecting the right welding technique, and finishing the bars are some of the essential tips you need to know when machining and fabricating Hastelloy C22 bars. By following these tips, you can minimize wastage, reduce the cost of production, and improve the overall quality of the finished product.

Machining And Fabrication Tips For Hastelloy C22 Bars

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