Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel 304H Buttweld Fittings

A buttweld fitting is a weldable pipe manufactured by the hot or cold forming process, which means that it is bent and molded to the correct shape. Also, these buttweld fittings are heat-treated to eliminate residual stresses to obtain specific mechanical properties. 304H stainless steel butt weld fittings consist of tee fittings, eccentric reducers, concentric reducers, large radius elbows, etc. Butt-welded fittings provide continuous flow through tubing that matches the supply schedule. Provides a smooth transition via a welded pipe fitting from a full penetration weld and properly mounted LR 90 angled concentric reducer.

SS 304H Buttweld Fittings are useful in forming a much vigorous connection. There are various types of Buttweld Fittings, which are suitable for all pipe sizes. The finish of all buttweld fittings is slant, 5mm for ferritic stainless steel, exceeding wall thickness 4 mm for austenitic stainless steel. Also, stainless steel grade 304H Buttweld fittings have beveled ends are required. SS 304H Buttweld Fittings are available in multiple shapes material grades and dimensions.

Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel 304H Buttweld Fittings

  • Stainless Steel 304H Buttweld Fittings have excellent weldability with and without fillers. SS buttweld fittings offer excellent corrosion resistance to work in a wide range of atmospheric environments.
  •  Also, its outstanding oxidation resistance makes them suitable for intermittent service of up to 870°C. These stainless steel buttweld flanges are resistant to carbide precipitation and have good machining properties.
  •  It also offers higher strength at elevated temperatures & Excellent weldability with and without filler metals.

Applications of Buttweld Fittings

  • SS 304/304l/304H Buttweld Fittings are useful in equipment manufacturing, architectural railings, pharmaceutical and chemical process equipment. It also has various usages in heat exchangers, springs, industrial fabrications, and the petrochemical industry.
  •  Besides, stainless steel buttweld fittings are useful in the oil and gas industry, power generation plants, energy industry, and pulp & paper industry.
  • Food processing industry, the aerospace industry requires SS buttweld fittings.

Specifications of Buttweld Fittings

  • SS 304/304l/304H Buttweld Fittings are most useful due to their significant performance. Buttweld Fittings are leakproof and hence valuable for oil refineries.
  • Its continuous metal structure formed between the pipe and the fitting adds strength to the system. It has a smooth internal surface and gradual changes of direction reduce pressure loss and turbulence, which minimizes the effects of corrosion and erosion.
  • It minimizes pressure drops and turbulence inside the pipeline and guarantees a long service life.

Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel 304H Buttweld Fittings

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